Newest SVCI 2020 OBD2 Key programmer All Function of VVDI2 SVCI 2020 No Limited Version Auto Diagnostic Tool

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Newest SVCI 2020 OBD2 Key programmer All Function of VVDI2 SVCI 2020 No Limited Version Auto Diagnostic Tool


The difference between SVCI 2020 and SVCI 2018:

The hardware difference is that SVCI 2020 without battery, the SVCI 2018 with battery. So SVCI 2020 does not need to be activated, it will not lock the machine, and the serial number will not be lost. ( SVCI 2018 support special functions )

The software difference is SVCI 2020 add 19 more car softwares than SVCI 2018,and

the svci 2020 update all 21 car softwares to 2019 years,it means can support cars to 2019.

1. ABRITES Commander forVAG V37.0,

2. ABRITES Commander forBMW V10.5,

3..ABRITES Commander forMercedes V10.4

4. ABRITES Commander forBikes V2.0

5. ABRITES Commander forChrysler V3.4

6. ABRITES Commander forDaihatsu V1.4

7. ABRITES Commander forFIAT V7.6

8. ABRITES Commander forFord V7.7

9. ABRITES Commander forHyundai V4.4

10. ABRITES Commander forJLR V2.6

11. ABRITES Commander forMitsubishi V3.7

12. ABRITES Commander forNissan V5.7

13. ABRITES Commander forOPEL V7.5

14. ABRITES Commander forPorsche V7.1

15. ABRITES Commander forPSA V6.3

16. ABRITES Commander forRenault V7.4

17. ABRITES Commander forSuzuki V1.2

18. ABRITES Commander forToyota V11.4

19. ABRITES Commander forVolvo V6.2

These 19 softwares are all the latest software. They support basic functions such as fault diagnosis, clearing of fault codes, reading of data streams, and motion testing to new models of 2019. 

Description Part Of SVCI 2020:

Good News : SVCI 2020Latest Update on Oct, 2020:

SVCI V2020 ForVW ForAudi Special Function Available--Support MQB platform and Component Protect.

New in V37.0

- MQB Read CS by OBDII (VDO TFT, VDO Virtual Cockpit, JCI)

- MQB All keys lost - added possibility to make it if also the car is with automatic transmission

- Read MQB transmission control units - Read CS, Clone/Restore

- Read DL501 Generation 2 transmission control unit (A6/A7 2013+) - Clone/Restore

- Replace MQB dashboard - possibility to clone an existing dashboard

- Adapt modules to MQB cars - Engine control unit, Transmission control unit, Steering lock

- Possibility to adapt manually any Immo V parts (MQB/BCM2) if the CS of the parts is known

- For cars with Immo IV dashboard (CS is 12 bytes) and Immo V engine control unit (CS is 16 bytes) - e.g. Caddy/Tiguan/Touaran/Transporter 2016+ - possibility to extract the CS (16 bytes) of the key and of the ECU from the CS of the dashboard

- Unsuppoprted VDO NEC dashboards added - both for mileage and keys (e.g. VW Fox)

New in V37.1

- Read MQB transmission control units - Read CS, Clone/Restore - added some unsupported DQ200x modules

New in V37.2

- Some fixes for the MQB dealer key preparation

New in V37.3

- For D-el-ph DCM3.7 added for reading - PIN/CS/Flash

New in V38.0

- Component protection generation 2 - new online functionality used for adaptation on second hand modules for Audi (A4/A5/Q5 2007-2017, A6 2003-2018, A7 2010-2018, A8 2010-2018, Q7 2005-2015),

VW Touareg 2010-2018 and For Audi/VW/Skoda MQB. Includes also MQB, but doesn't include MLB cars.

New in V38.1

- Added modules for diagnostic for the latest MLB platform (A6/A7/A8 2017+, Q7 2015+)

Highlights of SVCI V2020:

1. Unlock Version, No Need Activation.

2. Adds For Suzuki / JLR / Daihatsu Software (other SVCI  does not support).

3. For Jaguar/Landrover / SUZUKI /DAF Special Functions Work!

4. Support Vehicles to Year 2019.

4. Adds 19 Software Compared to SVCI 2018.

6. NXP Smart Chip, Fast Speed.

7. Operating System: Win7 (64bit) and Win10 (64bit). does not support 32bit.

8. Language: English, French.

9. SVCI V2020 Full Version with total 22 software, which supports vehicles till year 2019.

SVCI 2020 software installation Attention: 

There is only one executable file on the CD-ROM. Double-click "AbritesCommanderSetup.exe" to start the installation. Do not plug the USB into the computer during the installation. After the installation is complete, connect the USB to the computer.

How to use SVCI 2020 Quick Start Program?

There is 42 shortcut icons in SVCI 2020 Quick Launch Software. Left-click the icon to launch the corresponding software. Compared to the quick launch of SVCI 2018, the activation dialog is not displayed after clicking the icon.

The last icon is the firmware upgrade program. Click it to start the firmware upgrade program. You must be online to download the latest firmware program. After downloading, click Update for the firmware program upgrade.

After clicking the icon, the dongle program icon will appear in the tray at the bottom right corner of the computer. The dongle program cannot be exited while the program is running.

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