Newest Iprog V87 Car IMMO Auo Key Programmer Iprog+ Airbag Reset ECU Diagnostic Tool Better Than Tango Key Programmer

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Newest Iprog V87 Car IMMO Auo Key Programmer Iprog+ Airbag Reset ECU Diagnostic Tool Better Than Tango Key Programmer



1.iPROG+ can only be connected to the computer's USB port 5V.NOT allow to external 12V power supply.

It is easy to burn out when connected to an external power supply 12V.

2.After install driver ,If device manager shows unknow device, please uninstall and re-install driver

and change another usb port to plug.

3.After receiving parcel, pls contact me to get V86 Download link.


1.Functions including Airbag,carradio,dpf off, ECU,IMMO KEY, MIL TO KM, PINABS,PINCODE SMATRA3,



2. Reasonable price: much more cheap and work geart.

3. IProg+ is designed to work in the operating systems of the Windows family:

Windows xp

Windows vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

(We cannot make sure if it can support wins 10, if not, please change other system to test it)

IProg Pro Programmer Function List:

Work with multimedia unlocking the tape recorder

Work with keys (IMMO, Transponders), copying, preparation, unlocking

Work with IMMO-Key Auto dumps

Working with the airbag computer, deleting crash data

Transfer readings from miles to km

Read and write processors and its used in cars

Removing the particulate filter in the dump

Working with keys to the intercom

Realign Pin cod from dump (some brands)

Control board number, + scripts full Base number. Ability to update!

All adapters are tested for performance!

Iprog+ Programmer Software Display:

1. Airbag:

Read and erase crash to some cars

Read and erase DTC

Repair CFG

2. Dashboard:

Read km

3. Car Radio & ECU:

Car Radio:

Read and erase info

Reset count


Immo OFF

DPF off

4. Eeprom:

Read/write/erase eeprom

5. Immo:

Program and copy chips for cars and truck

Unlock keys

Cover Toyota smart keys: reset key prepare

Write a key by immo dump

6. Mcu:

Read and write chips

Cover chips Atmel, Fujitsu and microchips Motorola, NEC v850

7. Special functions:

Mile to km

Pincode from dump


PCF79XX SD-CARD Adapter:

RFID Adapter:

The RFID adapter is designed to work with 125kHz and 134kHz transponders.

The ability to manually switch modes of operation, as well as automatically (with implemented control from the script on pin18)

Supports For Toyota 4C and 4D Chips Transponder.

35080 Adapter 35080/160 Erase Adapter For iProg Programmer Works iProg+ Read/ Write/Delete 35080 Series Chips.

It supports the ability to read / write its industry area, as well as read / write / delete the incremental area in the chips 35080 6, 35080V6, 35080VP, 080D0WQ, 160D0WQ

Compatible With 080 old models ,supports both 35080/160 series

Package List:

1pc* Iprog+  Main Unit

1pc* Whole set adapters(depends on your choice)

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