Main Unit For KTAG V7.020 2.25 4 LED Master ECU Chip Tuning Tool With Murata Filter

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Main Unit For KTAG V7.020 2.25 4 LED Master ECU Chip Tuning Tool With Murata Filter


Best EU Version KTAG V7.020 With red pcb+ red 3D sticker + 4 LED:

KTAG V7.020 Highlights:

1. Online Version, can connect internet without damage .

2. Unlimited version, No token limitation, you can use all the time

3. Support universal Car / Truck / Tractor / Motorcycle / Boat , support 12V / 24V

4. Support multi-languages :English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French

5. Support Multi-Systems : Win XP / WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10....

6. All software protocols are open , all more 160 protocols than older version .

7. KTAG works via tricore / BDM / BOOT..., means need to remove ecu from car.


What is the difference between kess V5.017 and ktag V7.020:

1. Different Connection Way:

For Most Vehicles, KESS V5.017 can read and write ECU via OBD2 Cable Directly, Easy To Operate !

KTAG V7.020 read and write ECU via TRICORE or BDM Or Other Mode with special cable, But the software will guide you how to operate !

2. Different Vehicle Coverage:

KESS V5.017 can not work For Toyo.. Denso 76F00XX ECU Protocol,But KTAG V7.020 canwork For Toyo.. Denso 76F00XX very well !

KESS V5.017 can support some truck/tractor/motorcycle, But KTAG V7.020 can support much more truck/tractor/motorcycle and works better for Diesel vehicles than KESS V5.017 !

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1pc* Main Unit For Ktag

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