Full Set For Fiat ECU Scanner Multiecuscan Adapter OBD2 Diagnostic Tool for Fiat/Alfa Romeo/Lancia for Fiat OBD II Scanner ABS

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Full Set For Fiat ECU Scanner Multiecuscan Adapter OBD2 Diagnostic Tool for Fiat/Alfa Romeo/Lancia for Fiat OBD II Scanner ABS

Please Note :

1. This bundle does NOT include the for Fiat ECU Scan software license. It can be used with the free
version, or full version licenses are available separately.

2. The colored adaptor cables are only intended for use with the ForFiat ECU Scan software, on supported
forFiat group vehicles listed as requiring them on the forFiat ECU Scan Supported Vehicles List. Use on
other vehicles or with other software is not supported and may cause damage to your vehicle or

3. If u need the car list, pls leave the message to me on Aliexpress. I will send u the car list file.

ForFiatECUScan OBD Cables:

1.Green adaptor lead (MultiECUScan 'Adapter 1') - for ABS and Power Steering diagnostics.

2.Red adaptor lead (MultiECUScan 'Adapter 2') - for Airbag diagnostics.

3.Yellow adaptor lead (MultiECUScan 'Adapter 3') - to allow low speed CAN diagnostics ( 500 etc).

4.Black Adaptor lead ( ForFiatEcuScan-EL Scan Tool 'Adapter 4' ) - ECU Diagnosis

5.Blue Adaptor lead ( ForFiatEcuScan-KL 'Adapter 5' ) - ECU Diagnosis

For Fiat ECU Scan Hardware:

Hardware only bundle forFiat ECU Scan software, compatible fully with forfiat euc scan.

1.All the hardware required to use the excellent forFiat ECU Scan software forFiat, for Alfa Romeo/

for Lancia vehicles - for use with the free shareware version of the software, or if you already have a full
version software license.

2.Not only do you get the 2 hardware interfaces required for full software coverage, but we include
specific break-out adaptor cables for supported Airbag, ABS, Power Steering and CAN systems, so there's
no need to modify your interfaces.

For Fiat ECU Scan software 2.8 (free or licensed version):

1.Compatible vehicle -Multi-Cars
2.A laptop or PC running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 with a USB port
3.Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 SP1. Free to download from www.microsoft.com if not already
installed on your computer
4.1.5GHz CPU or higher

Specification of Multi-color:

1.Green Adaptor Lead (MultiECUScan / ForFiatEcuScan Adaptor 1) = Engine, ABS, Power Steering

2.Red Adaptor Lead (MultiECUScan / ForFiatEcuScan Adaptor 2) = Airbag

3.Yellow Adaptor Lead (MultiECUScan / ForFiatEcuScan Adaptor 3) = CAN

4.Purple Adaptor Lead (MultiECUScan / ForFiatEcuScan Adaptor 4) = Electric Hood

Pin Configurations:

1.Green Adaptor Lead = Female pin 7 to male pins 1,7,9,12.
2.Red Adaptor Lead = Female pin 7 to male pin 3
3.Yellow Adaptor Lead = Female pin 6 to male pin 1 / Female pin 14 to male pin 9 / Female pin 7 to male pin 12
4.Purple Adaptor Lead = Female pin 7 to male pins 7,8,11,13

Packing List :

5 * For Fiat Ecu Scan Cable
1 * CD

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